This is regarding vpopmail-5.2.1 and the mysql auth module:

A year ago, or more, I converted all my domains from cdb to mysql using the 
convert script in contrib.

I noticed all users in the vpopmail table contain '1' in the pw_uid and '0' in 
the pw_gid. Now this is the primary issue.

Also, the dir_control table contained rows (domains) that had cur_users set to 
a big number, like around 2 billion.  Others didn't reflect the exact users in 
the domain. However, newly added domains reflect the number of users and it 
increments as expected.

The dir_control table also always contained a last row that contains 'dom_500' 
in the domain field (the first field in the dir_control table). I guess this 
is always set to dom_vpopmailuid ?

I noticed the cur_users field in the row that begins with 'dom_500' as the 
domain gets incremented when I add a new domain. But again, since the 
conversion, the number was not correct and didn't reflect the number of 
domains managed by vpopmail.

So I manually updated the cur_users rows to reflect the actual number of users 
in each domain row, and the numbers of domains managed by vpopmail in the 
dom_500 row.

Is that OK?

Now I mentioned after the cdb->mysql conversion, the mysql row for each of the 
users always reflected 1 and 0 for the pw_uid and pw_gid fields, respectively.

When I added a new domain, new users (and postmaster) have 0 and 0 for the 
pw_uid and pw_gid fields.

Although /var/qmail/users/assign shows the correct uid/gid of vpopmail 
(500/500) for all the domains.

Shouldn't the pw_uid and pw_gid fields reflect 500/500 just like in assign?

The reason why I am concerned is I am looking in using maildrop for delivery 
and since it supports mysql, I can have it read the users home directly from 
the vpopmail database instead of running `vuserinfo -d [EMAIL PROTECTED] from a 
mailfilter script.  From maildropmysql.conf :

# UIDNUMBER_FIELD - MySQL attribute which contains the system uid to deliver
# mail as
uidnumber_field         uidnumber

# GIDNUMBER_FIELD - MySQL attribute which contains the system gid to deliver
# mail as
gidnumber_field         gidnumber

Any information, clarifications, suggestions, experiences, or ideas would be 
greatly appreciated.

Tim Hasson

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