Thank you very much for all your help. I sent a message to chris and hopefully 
he'll reply.

I just have a couple more questions/points to confirm:

1. If using maildrop, bounce all messages flag for a user probablly wouldn't 
work because it's proprietary to vdelivermail, correct?

2. How does the maildrop maildir auto creation handle inexistent-
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ? Does it confirm that the userhome is set in the database 
before creating dirs?

I recall having a problem when using maildrop with a simple mailfilter for 
delivery (called from .qmail-default) when someone sends a message to any 
[EMAIL PROTECTED], which would cause messages to be queued and later 
So as a temp workaround I added a little if clause to my mailfilter to check 
if the user's maildir exists first, and if the returncode == 1, then exitcode 
100, and echo "Sorry, no user here by that name" or something like that.

Sorry if I am not making much sense or being redundant, but I am getting 
really tired with this whole vdelivermail/maildrop thing :|


Quoting Erik Bourget <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Tim Hasson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Quoting Erik Bourget <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> [ what do pw_uid and pw_gid do? ]
> >> No, vpopmail (and I'm really sorry to rant here but I hate vpopmail's
> >> mysql database layout) uses the pw_uid for nothing at all and pw_gid to
> >> store
> >> FLAGS ON AN ACCOUNT.  A gid of 1024 means something, like 'don't allow
> pop
> >> access' or 'bounce all mail to this account'.
> >
> > That sucks.
> Hell yes!
> > What if you want to add a domain with a unique uid that's different from 
> > vpopmail's uid ? (for os quota enforcement/security etc..)
> > Do you have to always consult assign/users to get the uid for a domain or 
> > user? Then what is the point of the mysql auth module?
> The way qmail works, qmail-local is actually run AS THE UID that it finds in
> the users/cdb file.  It's not vpopmail's fault that it can't escape this
> limitation, it's a (rather reasonable) behavior of qmail.
> The point of the mysql auth module is to be not used solely in a vpopmail
> environment.  This configuration option does not apply to vpopmail.
> > For the above mentioned reasons, by intiuition, I would think that the
> > pw_uid and pw_gid would at least reflect the same uid/gid in assign/users
> -
> > if not even to offer a unique uid per user option.
> You'll find that the intersection of vpopmail thinking and intuition is very
> small.
> >>From my pervious comments above, you should now understand why I wanted to
> > link the uidnumber_field and gidnumber_field from maildrop with vpopmail's
> > pw_uid and pw_gid fields.
> Well, here's another way you can do it - ALTER TABLE the vpopmail table and
> add a uidnumber and gidnumber column.  vpopmail doesn't do anything as
> braindead as SELECT * so it won't break, and maildrop can look up in these
> new fields.  You'll have to make sure to update them after every vadduser
> though (or just modify the vadduser source if you're c-inclined).
> >
> >> > Any information, clarifications, suggestions, experiences, or ideas
> would
> >> be 
> >> > greatly appreciated.
> >> 
> >> Use my maildrop MySQL rule filtering patch!  vdelivermail is a relic! :)
> >> 
> >
> > However, I do use maildrop filters to invoke spamc and scan mail for spam
> > then look for SPAM keyword in the message header, and if it's marked as
> > spam, deliver it to user/Maildir/.BulkMail , else deliver to user/Maildir
> >
> > This is enabled for only one domain from it's .qmail-default file.
> >
> > However, since you mentioned in your earlier email that you have the
> > maildrop maildir autocreation patch seperated, please direct me to it.
> >
> > I guess for now as a workaround for vpopmail's table pw_name and pw_domain
> > incompatibility with maildrop's single uid_field, I can create a new
> column, 
> > and call it 'pw_email' for example and on mysql do:
> >
> > UPDATE vpopmail SET pw_email = CONCAT(pw_name, '@', pw_domain);
> >
> > and set uid_field in maildropmysql.conf to 'pw_email'
> You know, you might actually be able to just say "CONCAT(pw_name, '@',
> pw_domain) AS pw_email" in maildropmysql.conf itself.  I think that it's
> just
> sprintf'd into the string in maildrop (which would mean that you can screw
> yourself over pretty bad with some creative SQL injection...).
> > And also set the other stuff (like the userhome_field etc.) should be ok.
> You should get in touch with Chris Masters, rotis 23 at yahoo dot com (no
> space between the rotis and the 23).  He seems to have the same motives as
> you
> and has created a maildrop patch for himself.  It includes the maildir
> creation and some other minor mysql-ish niceness.
> - Erik Bourget


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