Chris Ochap wrote:

You're a little bit of a jerk there mister.  The guy has something to
contribute, let him contribute.


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You must bother all the mailing lists (vpopmail,qmailadmin,vqadmin) with your announcement for every release???
Please notice your update on freshmeat and doesn't bother the mailing lists with your "yet another qmail installation script".


Il 14:35, mercoledý 29 ottobre 2003, Franck ha scritto:


A new version of the installing's script for qmail are released.

All feedback are welcome for this final 1.3.6 :)>


Changelog since 1.3.6-rc6 :

* Testing installation script on Debian testing without error.
* Added values.suse and values.debian for both installation.
* This script works fine on SuSE Linux and Debian testing.
* Added for installing all needed

softwares on Debian.

* Minor bug fix

Best regards

Davide Giunchi

I agree, that is totally not right. If he thinks he has something great, let him tell others, it has been quite usefull for quite a few people that asked me for help.

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