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I agree, that is totally not right. If he thinks he has something great, let him tell others, it has been quite usefull for quite a few people that asked me for help.

Claude Shannon. Information Theory. Entropy. Do these things mean anything to you?

Well, if those things are beyond your intellectual capabiilties, then
do a google search on answers that have "search the arhchives" and see
if you can find an answer to the question posed in a sensible amount
of time.

As Shannon proved, this regular announcement of a script update is
barely distinguishable from noise because we can all predict its
content. As I have often maintained (with no effectual argument to the
contrary) we need an FAQ for stuff like this where this guy has the
ability to change the FAQ to point at his latest version.

That's funny, it looked a lot like signal to me. I'd never heard about such an install script, and am interested in looking at his project since I have needs that aren't the same, but are similar enough that I can borrow some of his work.
Obviously the announcements aren't that regular, since I've been subscribed to this list for something like 8 months now, and this is the first one I remember seeing.
I have no real desire to get into some large debate about this, however I would definitely say that I vehemently disagree with applying a term like entropy to questionably off-topic messages to a mailing list. If you're so thoroughly concerned with signal to noise on a list that subscribe to, I'd recommend unsubscribing. Particularly since you've demonstrated that you're quite skilled with vpopmail, so its doubtful you derive any real benefit from the list, other than the emotional highs you get from tearing into people.
Nick Harring

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