Raboo Treed wrote:

Congratulations. You've been here longer than I have. The only thing
is that, even with my notoriously-poor memory, I remember seeing MANY
announcements from him. At least more than one a month.

Well lets make it a rule of tumb, only put out releases every 3 months or so...

Like me, I've sometimes put my releases here, but I never put a release post
if it's a small typo fix, and I've never heard anyone complaining about my

Cause I would like to see releases like that, but not so much like 2-5 times
in a month from the same dude... this list isn't for advertising!!

I must say, I did go back and search and discovered that this person did in fact post announcements about a ridiculous number of "rc" releases, some of which were trivial fixes that the general public wouldn't have cared about.
Apparently I'm better at ignoring noise than even I'd thought.
I would think that only at major releases, with major releases being something sane like new features and massive bugfixes, would notification be reasonable. Even then people have pointed out it is terribly off-topic. What I suppose would be truly nice would be a sort of meta qmail/vpopmail/courier/sqwebmail/squirrelmail/etc list just for new version announcements so that anything related to the cluster of packages that many of use some group of would have one place to be announced at.

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