On Friday 31 October 2003 15:35, Nick Harring wrote:
> That's funny, it looked a lot like signal to me. I'd never heard
> about 
 such an install script, and am interested in looking at his
> project since I have needs that aren't the same, but are similar
> enough that I can borrow some of his work.
> Obviously the announcements aren't that regular, since I've been 
> subscribed to this list for something like 8 months now, and this is
> the 
 first one I remember seeing.

Then you are no frequent reader of this mailinglist or you seem to 
easily forget about "noise" (which is signal to you.. whatever)
I have been notified about the qmail installation script version 
1.3.6 final
via this list.

The linux kernel announcements could interest a lot of people in this 
list, too, so why don't they send their announcements? What about 
quake? I've played quake sometimes, some of you might have played it as 
well.. why not start posting about every new version of other stuff 
"people might be interested in?" Right, because there are lists/
websites, which take care of this. Freshmeat is just one of them.

It is something different when someone asks "Hey, I have trouble setting 
up qmail/vpopmail. Do you know about a script which could do this for 
But since people keep asking these questions regardless of the fact that 
they have been answered a hundred times "in the archives", there is no 
need to fill the archives with announcements of new software, unless 
it's named vpopmail.

> I have no real desire to get into some large debate about this,
> however 
 I would definitely say that I vehemently disagree with
> applying a term like entropy to questionably off-topic messages to a
> mailing list. If you're so thoroughly concerned with signal to noise 
> on a list that subscribe to, I'd recommend unsubscribing.
> Particularly since you've demonstrated that you're quite skilled with
> vpopmail, so its doubtful you derive any real benefit from the list,
> other than the emotional highs you get from tearing into people.

Paul has helped so many people on this list, that you might rather think 
of him benefiting from the "emotional highs" by helping others.

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