On Monday, November 24, 2003, at 10:51 AM, Erik Bourget wrote:
On another note, what would someone expect the requirements of a box running
spamassassin's spamd for 2 million e-mails per day would be? I'm gunning for
a few dual Xeon 2.4GHz. All these boxes do is spamd. I found that a dual
1.13GHz box is not adequate for handling a fifth of this load (spamd in
addition to my filtering-rules-in-SQL patched maildrop, pop, etc) at three in
the morning (spam time). This surprised me. Spamd is /INTENSIVE/. Anyone
have tuning tips?

Take a look at your memory statistics. Available RAM might be more of an issue than processor speed.

Limiting the concurrency might help as well -- only processing 20 emails at a time instead of 50 might result in faster queue processing times.

I assume that you're using something more efficient than qmail-scanner for the SpamAssassin connection...

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