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> On Monday, November 24, 2003, at 10:51  AM, Erik Bourget wrote:
>> On another note, what would someone expect the requirements of a box
>> running spamassassin's spamd for 2 million e-mails per day would be?  I'm
>> gunning for a few dual Xeon 2.4GHz.  All these boxes do is spamd.  I found
>> that a dual 1.13GHz box is not adequate for handling a fifth of this load
>> (spamd in addition to my filtering-rules-in-SQL patched maildrop, pop, etc)
>> at three in the morning (spam time).  This surprised me.  Spamd is
>> /INTENSIVE/.  Anyone have tuning tips?
> Take a look at your memory statistics.  Available RAM might be more of an
> issue than processor speed.

Nope, 2GB of RAM in this thing, it's not even all used.

> Limiting the concurrency might help as well -- only processing 20 emails at
> a time instead of 50 might result in faster queue processing times.

I have to finish them faster than they come in, though... SA takes about 1.5
seconds when it's slow (big mail), so the concurrency has to be big enough to
allow for this given a few per second coming in.

> I assume that you're using something more efficient than qmail-scanner for
> the SpamAssassin connection...

I'm just throwing | spamc in the big .qmail-default.  I don't assume there's a
more efficient way to do that.  I'm not interested in filtering outgoing mail.

Are there any good pre-learned Bayesian filters for SA?


- Erik

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