On Tuesday 13 January 2004 1:40 pm, Anthony Baratta wrote:
> At 11:06 AM 1/13/2004, Ken Jones wrote:
> >The idea would be to have a file checked by vdelivermail.
> >If spam assassin is enabled, vdelivermail calls spamc
> >before dropping the email into the users Maildir.
> >Then the setup would be backwardly compatible with
> >current sites. And they could enable/disable spam assassin
> >by just updating the configuration file.
> What I'd like to see with this is the ability to have either domain wide
> spam assassin settings or user specific spam assassin settings for the
> domain. I'm planning to host multiple virtual domains with Spam Assassin
> (mySQL Backend for configs) as an option, and having spamc called with the
> user name equal to the domain name would be great. I know some people would
> like a lower level approach so having vdelivermail have the option of
> passing no user name, the domain name as the user name, and the full email
> address as the user name would be helpful.

Do you mean:
1) site wide configuration: call spamc with no -u option
2) domain: call spamc with -u domainname
3) user: spamc -u [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I've got it running now with 1) and 3) but not sure if it can do 2).


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