Ken Jones wrote:
> I was wondering where the best place to put a
> domain wide enable/disable flag for spamassassin would be.
> What do you folks think?
> The idea would be to have a file checked by vdelivermail.
> If spam assassin is enabled, vdelivermail calls spamc
> before dropping the email into the users Maildir.
> Then the setup would be backwardly compatible with
> current sites. And they could enable/disable spam assassin
> by just updating the configuration file.

Instead of checking for a file, why not use the extra space in the vpopmail
gecos fields to store spam settings for that user? I've already got a bunch
of files hanging around in each home directory (hopefully less if this
spamassassin integration works).

Another thing to consider is where to put the spam. Some of our users like
it to go to the Trash folder, some like it to go to the Spam folder. This
should be customizable somehow for vdelivermail.

Actually, now that I think about it, I probably wouldn't even use the
vdelivermail integration for spamassassin. I already call a .qmail file to
do all the maildrop filtering and everything that vdelivermail can't do, so
there's no need to spawn another vdelivermail just to filter spam when I can
call spamc from maildrop. I still think the setting should go in a gecos
field though :)


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