At 11:47 AM 1/13/2004, Ken Jones wrote:

Do you mean:
1) site wide configuration: call spamc with no -u option
2) domain: call spamc with -u domainname
3) user: spamc -u [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I've got it running now with 1) and 3) but not sure if it can do 2).

Yes. I would assume that this is all configurable via your domain config mentioned earlier. e.g. I could compile vpopmail to use #1 unless overridden by the domain config. Or am I off the beaten path?? ;-)

Option 2 would nice because many people like to have multiple aliases and not forcing a spam config for each of these users would be helpful - me thinks.

Why is option 2 more difficult if you already know the full target email address?

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