Can you explain better what are you trying to do?

How the "patched qmail-smtpd" is run?

Have both servers the same domains declared and the same "users data base"?


At 14/01/2004 14/01/2004 -0500, Jeff Koch wrote:

We trying to setup a Smart Host mail router but kludge the checkuser patch and vpopmail to verify the domain and user name before smpt'ing the mail to the appropriate mailserver. However, we're getting stuck - the server keeps trying to deliver the mail locally even though we have smtproutes setup.

We'd like to keep the junk from being pushed through the smarthost (we get about 60K messages a day to non-existent usernames) - and the checkuser patch seemed to be the answer. We thought that having smtproutes setup would prevent local delivery.

Does anyone know of any other patches or have any thoughts on how this could be done?

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