Exactly - I tried it and it works perfectly. Thanks to both of you.

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We trying to setup a Smart Host mail router but kludge the checkuser patch and vpopmail to verify the domain and user name before smpt'ing the mail to the appropriate mailserver. However, we're getting stuck - the server keeps trying to deliver the mail locally even though we have smtproutes setup.

If I recall correctly, if the domain is in control/virtualhosts, then it will be delivered locally.


And reading through the qmail-chkuser patch and the vpopmail source code, it appears that if the domain is in rcpthosts (or morercpthosts) and in the users/assign file, but not in virtualdomains, then it *should* function as you want it to.

Note I haven't tested this, I just looked at how the chkuser patch checked for a local domain and how vpopmail vget_real_domain function worked.



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