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jmorse wrote:

>I have successfully installed qmail in the past using the checkpassword
>utility.  This time, I would like to use vchkpw (vpopmail) instead.  My
>question is, do you need to have Apache installed in order to use vpopmail
>or is that only if you want to use tools such as vqadmin and qmailadmin?  
>If I need Apache, can I just do a standard install from the ports (I'm
>running FreeBSD 5.1), or do I need to install additional features?
>Thanks in advance for your help

Next time please start your own thread, instead of replying to someone 

As for vpopmail + qmail, you do not need Apache, if you want to use 
qmailadmin and vqadmin you will need Apache.

For a good guide for qMail + Vpopmail on FreeBSD 5.x: 

Thats an entire guide, and can easily be followed to set up a qmail 
install with SMTP auth, vpopmail and qmailadmin, if you dont want 
qmailadmin, just leave those steps out.

A standard install from the ports for Apache should be just fine :).

For a guide to install Apache + PHP + MySQL visit 
http://bsdguides.org/guides/freebsd/webserver/apache_php_mysql.php, if 
you just want apache, read that, but dont compile PHP and MySQL :).


Sorry for not starting my own thread.  I'm new to mailing lists :)

Thanks for the quick reply.  I'll give those links a try.  I was trying
www.qmailrocks.org and http://notes.twinworks.net.  Both of those left me
confused regarding the need for Apache/MySQL/PHP.


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