>>Install seemed to have went ok so far, but I have one problem.  When I go
>> to
>>make a virtual domain with vadddomain, I get the following error:
>>Failure while attempting to remove_line() the locals file
>>Error. Failed to add domain to assign file
>>Error: Could not update file
>>Sorry if this has already been addressed in a previous posting.  I just
>>joined this mailing list yesterday.  I will continue to look around and
>> see
>>if I can find a solution that's been posted already.
> I have not seen that error before and would not know what is causing it.
> Are you root while doing these actions?
> X-Istence

I have had that error a number of times but I've never seen it documented
anywhere. Simply run 'touch /var/qmail/control/locals' to fix it. It
happens when the locals file doesn't exist, ususally because the install
of qmail didn't create it.

Let me know if that helps.

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