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jmorse wrote:

I have successfully installed qmail in the past using the checkpassword
utility. This time, I would like to use vchkpw (vpopmail) instead. My
question is, do you need to have Apache installed in order to use vpopmail
or is that only if you want to use tools such as vqadmin and qmailadmin?

If I need Apache, can I just do a standard install from the ports (I'm
running FreeBSD 5.1), or do I need to install additional features?

Thanks in advance for your help

Next time please start your own thread, instead of replying to someone elses.

As for vpopmail + qmail, you do not need Apache, if you want to use qmailadmin and vqadmin you will need Apache.

For a good guide for qMail + Vpopmail on FreeBSD 5.x:

Thats an entire guide, and can easily be followed to set up a qmail install with SMTP auth, vpopmail and qmailadmin, if you dont want qmailadmin, just leave those steps out.

A standard install from the ports for Apache should be just fine :).

For a guide to install Apache + PHP + MySQL visit, if you just want apache, read that, but dont compile PHP and MySQL :).


Sorry for not starting my own thread. I'm new to mailing lists :)

Thanks for the quick reply.  I'll give those links a try.  I was trying and  Both of those left me
confused regarding the need for Apache/MySQL/PHP.



Install seemed to have went ok so far, but I have one problem.  When I go to
make a virtual domain with vadddomain, I get the following error:

Failure while attempting to remove_line() the locals file
Error. Failed to add domain to assign file
Error: Could not update file

Sorry if this has already been addressed in a previous posting.  I just
joined this mailing list yesterday.  I will continue to look around and see
if I can find a solution that's been posted already.


I have not seen that error before and would not know what is causing it.

Are you root while doing these actions?


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