> On 27 Jan 2004 11:57:01 -0800
> Tom Jackson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I'm seeing a number of emails like [EMAIL PROTECTED] coming in to my
>> server. They are from different users. Since the local user doesn't
>> exist, qmail is attempting to bounce the message back to the sender.
>> Most of these are failing, the messages are obviously spam.
>> I'm running vpopmail on the domains in question. Is there any way to
>> configure vpopmail or qmail to reject email if the local address
>> doesn't exist, or to silently trash the email?
> You can delete them pretty easily if you create a "catchall" account and
> then tell it to delete all e-mail delivered to that account. Something
> like "junk" or "spamtrap" is usually a good name for the catchall
> account, if you're making it strictly to dump all mail coming to users
> that don't exist. Make sure you don't have any valid e-mail going to
> that catchall before you start deleting them though.
> HTH,
> Jacob

Could the "postmaster" account be used for this or would creating a
special account be preferred?



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