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>> An easier solution should be to add the following to your
>> qmail-smtpd/run file:
>> export QMAIL_QUEUE="/var/qmail/bin/qmail-scanner-queue"
>> And then restart qmail-smtpd.

> While this is easier, it doesn't allow you to realize the full functionality
> of qmail-scanner.

Why not? A 'QMAILQUEUE' set to 'qmail-scanner' will invoke it.
Regardless if it was set by surrounding environment or tcpserver.

> By passing the variables with tcpserver, you can configure
> qmail-scanner not to check any messages that come from localhost,
> for instance.

This can be done by a '127.:allow,QMAILQUEUE=".../qmail-queue",...'
rule in .cdb file. That way all messages from localhost are not
inspected by qmail-scanner. But what's your problem with this?

> We also don't check anything coming from our local LAN for spam
> (only for viruses) and check everything else for both.

So the mentioned solution would be the "as less to configure as
possible" one. Set 'qmail-scanner' for all connections and define
exceptions (localhost, LAN) separately. What's your problem with this?

> You can't do that with the method above.

You can. And before you try to argue qmail-scanner will not scan for
anything when only RELAYCLIENT is set by a .cdb file rule: it WILL
parse the message through virus scanner! Set 'RELAYCLIENT' only
prevents qmail-scanner from passing message through spamassassin!
Please inspect qmail-scanner sources if you don't trus me.
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