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> I trust you, because this is exactly what I was talking about.  Again,
> tcpserver uses the .cdb file rule.  Just exporting QMAILQUEUE will not allow
> you this flexibility.

What flexibility are you talking about?
Most people (including myself) using qmail-scanner want nearly all
mails to be scanned by AV and SA. Exceptions are:
Mails from 'localhost' don't need to be scanned for viruses or spam.
Mails from LAN or other RELAYCLIENT enabled should only be virus
scanned, but don't need to be SA-scanned.

So I 'export QMAILQUEUE' to apply the /general/ rule.
I than insert a rule for 127. connections to bypass qmail-scanner
completely (as this is what I want).
Now every "RELAYCLIENT" rule in .cdb (wether it was added manually to
enable LAN users to relay, or was inserted by open-smtp doesn't
matter) ends up in the mail being virus scanned, but not SA-scanned,
as qmail-scanner refrains from the latter when RELAYCLIENT is set.

If there is a special computer/user in my LAN, I trust so much that
his mails don't even need to be AV-scanned, I simply insert a rule
dedicated to his IP that makes his messages 'bypass' qmail-scanner the
same way mails from 127. do: a special, dedicated QMAILQUEUE setting.

So again: what flexibility do you need and don't get with 'export
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