> This can be done by a '127.:allow,QMAILQUEUE=".../qmail-queue",...'
> rule in .cdb file. That way all messages from localhost are not
> inspected by qmail-scanner. But what's your problem with this?

This is what we do.  Tcpserver reads the .cdb file.   The method mentioned
earlier just exported a variable.

> You can. And before you try to argue qmail-scanner will not scan for
> anything when only RELAYCLIENT is set by a .cdb file rule: it WILL
> parse the message through virus scanner! Set 'RELAYCLIENT' only
> prevents qmail-scanner from passing message through spamassassin!
> Please inspect qmail-scanner sources if you don't trus me.

I trust you, because this is exactly what I was talking about.  Again,
tcpserver uses the .cdb file rule.  Just exporting QMAILQUEUE will not allow
you this flexibility.

Trey Nolen

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