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> >
> > An easier solution should be to add the following to your
> > qmail-smtpd/run file:
> >
> > export QMAIL_QUEUE="/var/qmail/bin/qmail-scanner-queue"
> >
> > And then restart qmail-smtpd.
> While this is easier, it doesn't allow you to realize the full
> of qmail-scanner.  By passing the variables with tcpserver, you can
> configure qmail-scanner not to check any messages that come from
> for instance.  We also don't check anything coming from our local LAN for
> spam (only for viruses) and check everything else for both.  You can't do
> that with the method above.

You can still achieve what you want to do, you just need to do it in

ie. in the smtp run file set
and then for tcp.smtp entries that you dont want scanned, set


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