I've been through the archives and poked around in google and cannot find an answer to this one.

I set up and have been running qmail/vpopmail/smtp-after-pop3 for the last two years. I recently, 6 months ago, rebuilt my qmail/vpopmail from scratch due to a harddrive failure.

When I rebuilt it, from clean sources and following the steps in David Sill's qmail handbook I enabled roaming users.

I configured my laptop's email client to download my email from my qmail server. Worked beautifully. I sent email after the pop3 auth. Worked beautifully. I did this from a cafe with a wireless connection. Now the only place I can send email from is that same cafe.

The symptom is that if I try to connect to my qmail smtp server (port 25) from the cafe where I can send email it works beautifully, from anyplace else qmail won't even allow a connection on port 25. Even after pop3 auth.

I am assuming that the ip address of the lovely little cafe is now cached someplace by vpopmail.

I am also assuming that:
1) there must be some way to clear that cache (if it exsists)
2) I don't fully understand the concept of roaming users in vpopmail
3) there is some configuration bit that I missed that will when used allow
me to send email from many lovely little cafes which are much closer to
my house.

To address these things I am asking:
1) If the cache does exsist where is the documention that tells me how to
clear it?
2) If its possible to have roaming users to use variable ip addresses where
is the documentation for that?

any help would be great.


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