Jeremy Kitchen wrote:
On Fri, 2004-03-12 at 14:35, X-Istence wrote:

Ken Jones wrote:

On Friday 12 March 2004 6:35 am, Cristiano Deana wrote:

Il giorno Friday 12 March 2004 12:53, X-Istence mi scriveva:

Now spam threshold is hardcoded with --enable-spam-threshold=15
shouldn't be better to put it in vlimits.default?

I think this should be made an option, if it is not set, look for vlimits.default, if it is set, then use it hard coded,

Yes, better. Very well.

In the patch I have based on the BSD patch, it uses
the required_hits in the system global setting, normally in /etc/mail/spamassassin/ and can be overriden by
a users .spamassassin/users_pref file. So there is no
need for an --enable-spam-threshold option. Spamassassin
adds a header X-Spam-Flag: YES if the email goes over
the required_hit count.

I'm going to try and add the code to the cvs version over the

Ken Jones

The BSD code had a hard set limit, with the --enable-spam-threshold=15, which means that anything over 15 would get DELETED, and not just tagged, which is what SA does normally.

does normally?  SA is only used for tagging mail.  You can send me a
GTUBE email and it won't get deleted, even with a score of 1000.

See, i like to have anything over 4 points tagged, then if for some reason, it is really spam, it will reach the 10 points i set with the enable flag, and vldelivermail will delete it instead of writing it to disk. Its one way i have kept my mail box clean of a lot of crud, as really, i dont want it to be saved if it is just spam.

yea, I like that sort of dual threshold setup as well.  Perhaps
spamassassin could be made to have dual thresholds and have like a
X-REALLY-SPAM: header.  I prefer not trying to compare values, but check
for 'flags' personally.


Well, spamc somehow returns the amount of points it got some how, and that is how it gets deleted.


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