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Hello Devendra,

On Tuesday, March 30, 2004 at 4:07:31 PM you wrote (at least in part):

> I have a peculiar requirement of just trashing a particular "Mail From:" to
> any of the virtual domains hosted on a Server.

echo SENDERADDRESS >>/var/qmail/control/badmailfrom

> In that case even I do not want to bounce the mail just trash
> (/dev/null) it.

using badmailfrom is like /dev/null'ing for you. You'll neither see
the bounce nor does your qmail have to handle it (even if it can't be
delivered). That the absolutely easiest and cleanest solution for that
Best regards
Peter Palmreuther

He who laughs last uses OS/2.

Dear Peter,

Thanks for your solution. But, the "badmailfrom" would give a bounce from qmail-smtpd (MTA).

I just wanted to blackhole it, without sending any intimation even if it violates any RFC.

Any other pointers !!!

Devendra Singh

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