Kit Halsted wrote:
> Howdy Folks:
> I've just been asked to either set up a new server or add some
> services to an existing server.


> I'd love to hear from anybody who's using these together, & I think I
> also need to patch qmail for Maildir++ (?) support? Does the patch
> for that interfere with the SMTP-AUTH patch?

I'm using qmail+vpopmail+BincIMAP+SquirrelMail+ClamAV+qmailAdmin.  See for how I did it.  I'm not using
SpamAssassin (it's on the list, though), and I don't need quota support.
It's all working together extremely well.

I'm not aware that you need to patch to support Maildir++: I'm using
IMAPdir, and it only took a couple of tweaks to some scripts.


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