Roger Lipscombe said:
> I'm using qmail+vpopmail+BincIMAP+SquirrelMail+ClamAV+qmailAdmin.  See
> for how I did it.  I'm not using
> SpamAssassin (it's on the list, though), and I don't need quota support.
> It's all working together extremely well.

Using Bill Shupp's excellent email toaster here (

Has everything you need...  I highly recommend squirrelmail as well.. 
lots of plugins and very easy to use!

> I'm not aware that you need to patch to support Maildir++: I'm using
> IMAPdir, and it only took a couple of tweaks to some scripts.

Yeah, I don't remember patching anything here for that...  Bill's toaster
has just about everything...  He's planning on posting a new version
sometime soon (possibly next week) with a few new features, including
qscan instead of qmail-scanner...

> Cheers,
> Roger.

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