I have pretty much the same setup, except I use vpopmail in the mix, and squirrelmail for the webmail side of things. I have no experience with SqWebmail, so I can't really compare them. One bonus for squirrelmail is that if you configure spamassasin with mysql support, you can put a highly configurable plugin into squirrelmail to control spamassasin on a per-user basis.

Kit Halsted wrote:

Howdy Folks:

I've just been asked to either set up a new server or add some services to an existing server. The current server runs netqmail 1.05 + SMTP-AUTH 0.42 & vpopmail 5.4.2 on OpenBSD 3.5. The client's requirements are as follows:

-Virus checking
-Spam filtering
-Quota limitations enforced
-Web admin for changing passwords & such

For ease of administration, the server will run OpenBSD 3.5 whether it goes on the current box or something else. I'm also quite inclined to stick with qmail/vpopmail for the same reasons. What I'm thinking of using consists of the following:


I'd love to hear from anybody who's using these together, & I think I also need to patch qmail for Maildir++ (?) support? Does the patch for that interfere with the SMTP-AUTH patch?


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