I've run into a couple of questions about quotas. I've patched qmail (1.03) with the maildir++ patch so...

1. Is there a way of making vpopmail accept the mail message that runs the user account over it's quota? As my setup works, qmail/vpopmail accepts the message then bounces it. I've made a plugin for qpsmtpd that will refuse delivery of mail for users over quota so new deliveries will be refused when the user is over quota but I'd like to accept the message that would put the user over quota and not have vdelivermail bounce it.

2. My maildirsize files seem to be working a little funky. The maildir++ patch kinda made the +/- stuff work except that the file does a running total rather than incrementing and decrementing the number i.e.:

0 0
1343 1
-1343 -1

Have I patched qmail right and this is this the proper method of writing the file or do I need to go back and work on it again. Seems this file could grow quite large if this is how it's supposed to work.


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