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At 09:46 19.05.04 +0200, signo wrote:
hello, i ve 2 problems....

I've installed qmail 1.03 with qmail-smtpd-auth-043. Now the smth auth 
work fine but if
i try to send an email (with Mozilla) without smpt authentication set it 

Hm. Could you please explain that in more details ?
If i set (in mozilla) 'the server require smtp-auth, he ask me for user name and passwd, he verify the entries
and if the username/password are correct he send the mail.
But if i don't set the smtp-auth he send the mail too (without username/password  control)!!!

I would like to acceprtONLY mail after a successfull smtp-auth.



P.S for the second questione is ok...thank

can you tell me why??

i've modifiey my tcp.smtp file like that:


Hm. Your patched version of qmail-smtpd (qmail-smtpd-auth-043) does not use
the environment variable "SMTPAUTH". 

In addition, your construct 


makes no sense.

If you need to only accept SMTP sessions in case of a successful
authentication, you can use my SPAMCONTROL patch and apply the environment
variable REQUIREAUTH: 


when i send an email the recepicent receive an e-mail "Received: from 
localhost (HELO.....)" (in the header) and some provider
trash this mail....where can i chanage that (to display my DNS name and 
not localhost)???

You can modify the control/me or the control/helohost to refer to the
correct FQDN (man qmail-remote). 


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