last problem:

if i use the line (in /etc/tcp.smtp)

nobody can send me email !!

the sender receive the message:

Your message has encountered delivery problems
to the following recipient(s):

Delivery failed
535 authentication failed (#5.7.1)

No recipients were successfully delivered to.

signo wrote: work fine!!!!


Erwin Hoffmann wrote:

At 11:30 19.05.04 +0200, you wrote:
   ...i must recompile qmail with SPAMCONTROL and cmd5checkpw (now i use
vchkpw) ??

with my patch (qmail-smtpd-auth-043) i can't do anything ??

SPAMCONTROL is a superset of qmail-smtpd-auth.

Please read the enclosed documentations.


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