> With the cdb back end it is easy, sql back ends might be a problem... 
> Move their domain directory to a different name, then run 
> vdeldomain on the domain.  When they pay, run vadddomain, 
> then move the directory back.  If you are using a database, 
> you could possibly use vconvert to copy the data from the 
> database to  cdb storage before moving the directory, then 
> again to put it back once they pay.
> Another way would be to remove their domain from the files in 
> /var/qmail/control and /var/qmail/users by hand.  Remember 
> what you remove, and from where.  You have to signal qmail to 
> reload the files once you are done.

Thanks for the info Rick.

Hmm...Think I'll just leave pop+imap disabled.


> Rick

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