I am new to this list.

I recently installed on a Gentoo linux

                qmail  1.03 (r13)
                vpopmail 5.4.0
                maildrop 1.5.3
                qmail-scanner 1.16  ( With some modifs)

Everything was working well until today.  

Today, I took my local domain and made it a "virtual" domain on my hosts.

Things are mostly working, but every now and then I get the following error 

@4000000040b3436602b4f094 delivery 2035: success: 
.... The whole SQL query......

Because I have a "catchall" account, the emails get delivered there instead of 
the correct mailbox. I can see that the "Delivered-To" header is set to the 
correct user.   I can't seem to find a pattern in the occurrence of the 
problem  The only thing is that I get the feeling it is related to the use of 
aliases  ( .qmaol-myalias)  but I am not sure.

Has anyone experienced the same problem? Has anyone found a solution?

        François Wautier


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