> François Wautier wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Duly noting the near absolute lack of interest in my previous email (Only
> > Devendra Singh  responded indicating he had the same problem),  I decided
> > to go and figure out things my way.
> Good job.  I use CDB, and don't know enough about using MySQL with
> vpopmail to find something like that.  Unless someone objects I plan to
> put this in HEAD, and suggest it go into the stable branch too.
> I like the fact that this patch separates hard errors from soft errors,
> checking first if it can open the database connection at all and
> aborting on failure.  It works well with the changes in error handling
> that I am working on.

I thought it made sense too.

> I wish I understood the base problem better, I don't know if we are just
> covering up a database problem.  

Could be... but is unlikely.

>> You are sure you aren't running out of 
> MySQL children at peak loads, right?  Being on the border of having too
> many requests for the number of MySQL children allowed could cause what
> you are seeing.

I don't really have any load to speak of. And if the problem was that, I think 
the client would not connect, not report "Lost connection to MySQL server 
during query". 

I would also get more complains from the websites not being able to get the 

In any case, my simplistic patch  does handle that type of problem better.


> Even if that turns out to be your real problem I think this is a better
> way to handle opening the database.  I have posted the patch on
> SourceFORGE.  [967994]
> Rick

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