> Another thrilling question;
> Has anyone already set up vsftpd using virtual users + multiple domains?
> I've read the virtual users hints, but they only mention one fixed
> directory for the virtual ftp users, whilst I need every virtual user
> have its home directory pointing to his own domain. This home directory
> is not /home/username, but /server/www/domainname. Is this doable? Note

Well, I have never used vsftpd but it stills being a simple FTPd. There's
no need from my point of view of any vhost handling on FTPd's because you
can simply have a user four each domain, i.e:

domain: squirrelmail.org
user: sqrmail
pass: mydumbpass
home: /server/www/squirrelmail.org

domaim: thecure.com
user: rsmith
pass: disintegration
home: /anypath/youdlike/as/long/as/it/has/user/permissions

Since all the domains will be accessing the same IP's, having the user go
to squirrelmail.org or thecure.com -asuming these are your virtual
domains, of course are not but, I'm just using them as an example- will be
transparent and the system will separate -is this a real word? heheh- them
from each other perfectly


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