at the moment I have
a console built in
php that talks to
vpopmail directly. I
am trying to figure
out what I need to
do if I were to
create aliases for
the pop accounts
that I have created
because I don't
think there is a
straight forward
command like
vadduser. Do you
have any ideas? I
have also found a
function in php
Have you ever used
this before?



> > How do I
aliases for an email
account created with
vpopmail? Please
> > Help
> You can do it the
easy way, or the
hard way...
> The easy way: 
(Requires a web
server on the mail
server machine.)
> The hard way:
>     Create .qmail
files in the domain
directory of the
domain where you
> want the alias. 
There many
possibilities for
the .qmail files, so
> you want to go
this way, please be
more specific about
what you want the
> alias to do.  It
usually works best
if you give specific

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