I jus t upgraded my vpopmail 5.4.3 to 5.4.4 with roaming user enable. here is my following configuration:.
/configure \--enable-roaming-users \
--enable-relay-clear-minutes=180--enable-logging=p \
--disable-passwd \
--enable-clear-passwd \--disable-domain-quotas \
--enable-auth-module=mysql \
--disable-many-domains \--enable-auth-logging \
--enable-mysql-logging \
--enable-valias \
then I follow with:
make install-strip
There was no error in return, everything seem to compile fine.Upon exiting my qmailadmin, it tells me the version of qmailadmin and vpopmail I'm using. The vpopmail still say version 5.4.3. I would like to know is that true or not? Does qmailadmin check vpopmail version everrytime or does it just record the vpopmail version when it was install.
My next problem. It seem even though I enable roaming users for vpopmail, I still can not do pop before smtp. When I try to send from outlook express, still tell me I'm not on the allow rcpthosts list. Is there some step I'm missing?
I check my tcprules and tcp.smtp files and they where they support to be but when I use the whereis command for the tcp.smtp, it tells me its located in /etc/tcp.smtp.
I don't know what is the problem. Can someone offer me some suggestion.

I've the same problem and not solution for the moment. Pop before smtp don't work :(


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