On Friday 18 June 2004 11:30 am, Raymond Luong wrote:
> I would like to add, since my qmailctl cdb is still reading off my
> /etc/tcp.smtp, and assuming my vpopmail is recompileing my tcp.smtp
> everytime someone login through pop3, can I just edit my qmailctl and
> qmail-smtp file and point the tcp.smtp at my ~vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp? Will
> that work. I am afraid to do it because my mail box is a live production
> box. Don't want to do it unless I get more feed back.

well, if you're using vpopmail's roaming users you'll probably want to use 
vpopmail's built in function to rebuild the cdb file or you won't get the 
proper relay entries (at least until the next time someone checks their mail)


Then just tell tcpserver to look at that cdb file and you're all set.


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