On Thu, 1 Jul 2004, Tom Collins wrote:

> If you have roaming users (POP before SMTP) enabled, it stores the IP
> information in a table.  Every POP auth will generate an update or
> replace into that table.

Ah.  Thanks, I thought there was something, but that slipped my mind.

The more I look at this, the more it looks like a resource contention
issue between mysql and qmail/vpopmail.  While the load is low, there are
blocked processes (according to vmstat) and context switches are through
the roof.  I've seen this before in other qmail installs; if I understand
what "context switches" are correctly, it means that the kernel is
spending an inordinate amount of time juggling processes...

Any hints for large sites?  Anyone here running vpopmail for more than a
few thousand users?

It looks like a quick band-aid is to run mysql on another server.



> I think it also updates a "last login" timestamp for each user when
> they authenticate (vuserinfo reports this information).
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