I believe there was some discussion about this some time ago, but recent
events have made me think of this again...

The "standard" chkuser patch that vpopmail uses (see Bill Shupp's update
to the original: http://www.shupp.org/patches/chkuser-0.6.mysql.patch) has
some rather nasty behaviours.

If for some reason your mysql server is unavailable (load has shot so high
that mysql can't return a prompt reply, you're upgrading mysql, taking db
down for maintenance, etc.) the chkusr patch will start telling remote
smtp clients that the user doesn't exist.  This is not good; you never
want to send a 550 on a user that really does exist; people get upset when
things bounce, and mailing lists start looking at auto-removal.

Has anyone found a better solution that integrates well with vpopmail?
The goodrcptto patch is interesting, but too much work to maintain.

I'm also wondering if there are any plans for the vpopmail stuff to
support talking to multiple databases; ie: if no answer or timeout on one,
hit a slave that's replicating off the master.



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