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I believe there was some discussion about this some time ago, but recent
events have made me think of this again...

The "standard" chkuser patch that vpopmail uses (see Bill Shupp's update
to the original: has
some rather nasty behaviours.

Probably you have not read carefully previous posts on this topic.

The standard chkusr patch uses standard vpopmail calls, that do NOT handle return status from DB operations (Bill's version just include some Makefile changes, in order to semplify compilation, code is untouched), and this happens for every DB.

So the problem is not inside chkusr, but inside the vpopmail library.

This is a known problem, that will be resolved as vpopmail will integrate such checks (I've been told these checks on DB connects are going to be put inside vpopmail CVS).

I'm preparing chkuser 2.0, that will integrate all these changes, and will improve a lot of other things.





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