Bruno Negrão wrote:
Hi all,
I have to solve the famous problem of splitting a unique domain into 2 remote machines. One machine gonna be the MX for the domain but will contain only part of the e-mail accounts. The other half of the e-mail accounts will be configured in the other server. Creating two subdomains *is not a valid alternative* for me.
I can't see how you could actually want this. Are you planning on then putting some sort of imap proxy in front of the box to direct logins to the correct place? What does this do for you that a cluster with shared storage doesn't?
Is it possible to do this elegantly with vpopmail?
Until now, the most elegant solution i have seen is using Qmail + qmail-ldap patch + Open LDAP. In this scenario, vpopmail wouldn't be used.
I know there is also a vpopmail-ldap patch, but i understood that it doesn't foresee the case of splitting a domain into two different servers.
Thanks in advance,
I wish I could offer a solution directly to your question, but it definitely looks like you're attacking the problem in a less than optimal way.
Nick Harring
Webley Systems

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