Two issues:
1) Using qmail & vpopmail, what methods are available to log all inbound and outbound email PER VIRTUAL DOMAIN?
2) We also need a way to notify the recipient of an email that contained a virus that the infected email was destroyed, and that it came from [EMAIL PROTECTED] with a subject line of whatever it was.

We have a law firm that wants to record all their communications in both directions. We are capturing inbound emails by appending &[EMAIL PROTECTED] to the end of everyones .qmail file. What's missing is a way to capture the outbound emails.

Texas courts are currently in the process of requiring attorneys to use email to file and update their cases. They are using email as though it was a guaranteed delivery mechanism even though we all know it isn't. This pilot project is expected to go nationwide soon.

When the courts send out an email containing a virus (they use Windows boxes), the normal thing for a receiving MTA's virus checker to do is silently throw that email away and not notify anyone. In this case however, that email has legal ramifications so that either we have to let the infected email pass thru the server, extract only the infected portion of the email leaving the rest intact (no idea how to do that), or throw it away but notify the recipient of what was done. The subject line of these emails contains a case number that could be used as follow up by the receiving clerk at the law firm.

We currently use qscanq to call clamav for the heavy lifting, but that approach doesn't offer a way to notify anyone of what happened to an infected email - at least not any way I know of.

We'd like solutions that have per virtual domain granularity so other domains on the box don't have to do things the same way.


Bill Gradwohl

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