In a vpopmail 5.4.6 site with autoresponder 2.0.4,
the behavior we're seeing is that when a user
sets a vacation message, vpopmail sets up the autoresponder
with a 3 messages per day limit.  The .qmail file it
creates for that person has autoresponder on the first
line and then the Maildir delivery statement on the
second.  What we're seeing is that after the messages
from a given address exceed three, the autoresopnder
no longer mails, as expected, but the messages are no
longer delivered to the Maildir either, and the sender
is not notified.  Is there a way to override that 
behavior so messages are not lost?  Is this the
expected behavior even or is something else incorrect?
If I reverse the order in the .qmail file it works as
intended but I'd rather not patch vpopmail for all of
our servers and then remember to do that for the future.



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