On Jan 4, 2005, at 11:48 AM, Jeremy Kitchen wrote:

On Tuesday 04 January 2005 09:13 am, Walter Souto R. Junior wrote:

My regitrar always capitalize the name of domains for the contacts (e.g.
<name>@<DOMAIN.TLD> and the messages he send to me never comes. I try to
change the the e-mail and I get the message normally, but after the
confirmation, the system of the registrar capitalizes the domain again...

domains have no case sensitivity. DoMaIn.TlD is the same as domain.tld,
DOMAIN.TLD, dOmAIN.tlD, etc. Technically, local parts can be case sensitive,
but qmail converts all local parts to lowercase (as I believe most other UNIX
mtas do as well). On a qmail system, LaRRY is the same as larry, lArRy,
LarRy, etc, they're all delivered to 'larry'

So if i have a user whose username is GlaanieBoy, he would not recv any email? Since he does not have email enabled on his account it is not a problem, but i am asking in case that is true, which would mean i could only create accounts with lowercase letters.

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