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> >On Tuesday 18 January 2005 03:23 pm, Brian Lanier wrote:
> >> This is where I am not clear and would love to be
> >> corrected. I don't want delivery to happen on my public facing mail
> >
> >server,
> >
> >> but I would like to run chkuser there to prevent bad mail from even
> >
> >coming
> >
> >> into my mail system.
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> >that's a little trickier, and requires a certain type of setup.
> Any examples of this type of setup? Any docs or postings of anyone have
> used this type of setup? With our setup, we use a first layer to knock down
> all the easy/obvious email and then pass on to our scanning layers to
> reduce the load on our AV setup. This dependency on using the
> virtualdomains file kills this type of setup. I have heard a lot of success
> stories using chkuser and would like to implement it on our setup. I
> thought I had seen people using this tiered approach with vpopmail and
> chkuser, just no details on implementation.

well, you could use the qmailqueue patch and two qmail installs on the same 
system to make it work.  as far as I know, the chkuser patch uses conf-qmail 
to find the home directory.  You'd have your say, /var/qmail2 qmail-send 
running, and use /var/qmail2/bin/qmail-queue to queue the mail, and it would 
have your smtproutes and stuff.

also, you'd have to either nfs mount or make a local copy of your domains 
directories so the chkuser patch can look for .qmail files and such.


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