on 2/28/05 5:02 PM, Kurt Bigler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> on 2/28/05 7:06 AM, Ken Jones <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> We are almost ready to release a new php web interface that talks to the
>> vpopmail daemon where we planned on adding support for this spamassassin
>> stuff.
> You mention "vpopmail daemon".  The only vpopmail daemon I have running is
> vchkpw, used with qmail-pop3d.

What I should have said was that my ps listing shows nothing that I
recognize as a vpopmail daemon.  I didn't think vdelivermail was a daemon,
but that may be my ignorance of what a daemon is.

So you could clarify "vpopmail daemon"?

And can someone confirm that SA with per-user preferences means that if I
configure SA to interact with qmail-smtpd that this can result in SMTP
rejections based on individual user prefs?  And is there some redundancy in
thie smtpd-time access to vpopmail information between this and chkuser that
might be a performance concern?


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