> >
> > Simscan isn't replacing qmail-smtpd, so this isn't strictly an smtp
> > limitation. Perhaps I'm just not getting it, but why wouldn't the
> > following work:
> > Email comes in for users A, B and C. A and B have an SA threshold of
> > C has a threshold of 9. The message scores at 7. Delete A and B from
> > recipient list when queueing the message, and tell qmail-smtpd to
> > the message since at least one recipient will be receiving the
> > Since the other two users consider it spam, they don't really care
> > the remote side thinks. Other scenarios are just as easy to work
> > in a way that'd work.
> that would require queueing multiple messages from the same SMTP
> conversation.
> what happens if on the 49th recipient of a 50 recipient message, the
> queueing
> fails?  Your 'solution' is ugly, and simply will not work.
No, it wouldn't require this. It would require that you edit the
recipient list prior to queueing. There's nothing 'ugly' that I can see
about that process.
> yes, and again this has all been discussed on the simscan mailing
> Please read the several threads there, paying close attention to my
> I
> cover most of these issues in detail.
> -Jeremy
I attempted to use the archive of the simscan list, and found one
discussion which ended with the abrupt declaration from you that it
couldn't be done. Perhaps you could point me at a thread where there's
real discussion of this?

Also, would it be more effective if I simply submitted a simscan patch
which implemented the functionality I'm talking about, to show it can be
done (or to learn it can't) rather than discussing how it could?

Nick Harring
Sr. System Administrator
Parus Interactive

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