Hi Blacke.

You should make to script to change the passwords.
I things that the problem is in the mysql crypt, I am not sure, but a script solved my problem when I migrated my server.

It should read the pw_clear_passwd and pw_name of table domains and run this command:
vpasswd $user $password

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Hello everyone,

I am running qmail with vpopmail. I Also use vqadmin. I need to know what I need to copy over to a new server so that it will be able to authenticate all user accounts and have thier email exactly the same as it was. Vpopmail is also using a mysql database. So far I have been able to copy the correct directories from qmail over. I also replicated the database exactly. At this point vqadmin reports my domain and shows all my users. The only thing that I am missing - none of the users are able to authenticate!!! Very frustrating. Here are the details: from qmail copied /var/qmail/alias and control and users. I also copied /home/vpopmail/domains over to the new server. As I mention before I copied the mysql database over exactly. Just can't authenticate users!!

any suggestions?

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