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Bruno Negrão wrote:
|  a.. CHKUSER_SENDER_FORMAT: checks if the SENDER of each message has the
| username part matching [a-z0-9_-], and the domain part matching
| [a-z0-9-.] with not consecutive "-.", not leading or ending "-." ==>
| Great for identifying spam.

This really doesn't do much to identify spam.  In fact, the only purpose
it would tend to serve, is to limit the users on your system to
traditional email addresses, which could, ironically, make your system
more easily spammed.

|  a.. CHKUSER_RCPT_FORMAT: Equals to the above checking, but for the RCPT
| of each message. Good to prevent your users to send crap to the net.

Same as CHKUSER_SENDER_FORMAT except here, if your users try to relay
mail to a non-traditional email address, you will find yourself with
a phone call from a curious customer :)

|  a.. CHKUSER_SENDER_MX: Checks if the SENDER domain has a valid MX
| configured for it, thus, discovering fake domain names. Great for
| identifying spam.

Unfortunately, while we'd all love to force everyone to have an
MX record, the fact remains that some hosts just dont have them.
Connecting directly to the host named should be left available,
for now.

Also, being dictionary attacked could leave you making a good
deal of DNS lookups, which can sometimes be slow.

|  a.. CHKUSER_RCPT_MX: Checks if the RCPT domain has a valid MX
| configured for it. Good to discover "typos" your users do when sending
| e-mails.
| To enable these features, we have to edit the chkuser_setting.h file and
| uncomment them.
| vi chkuser_settings.h
| Search and uncomment the line for each feature:
| /* #define CHKUSER_RCPT_FORMAT */
| /* #define CHKUSER_RCPT_MX */
| /* #define CHKUSER_SENDER_MX */
| Save the chkuser_settings.h file with the above modifications.
| -------------------------------------------------------------------
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