But now I looking closely to this check I'm recalling some of my customers like to have e-mails of the format: [EMAIL PROTECTED] I't seems that this check would block my usernames with the 'user.lastname' syntax, since it doesn't accept a '.' character in the USER part. Is this customizable? If it's not, this feature does not work even for me!!

Documentation is wrong (I'll correct it soon): '.' and '=' are accepted in format controls.
Ahnn, good... Hi tonino. Fix your documentation. You know that it's wrong even inside the chkuser_settings.h file, right?

Guys, with the "valid characters" now being:
user    =       [a-z0-9_-.=]
domain = [a-z0-9-.=] with not consecutive "-.", not leading or ending "-."

Maybe now they are cover the majority of the real life messages, is that right?

Tonino, are these characters enough even in those cases when somebody wants to, for example, send a confirmation reply e-mail to some automatic procedure? Like, confirming a subscribe message for a mailing list or something like that. How were your tests?


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